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Jimmy Kimmel Makes Trump Supporters Say Something Nice for Hillary’s Birthday (Video)

Most of the compliments were backhanded, though one was geniune

Ever the optimist, Jimmy Kimmel made Donald Trump supporters say something nice for Hillary Clinton on her 69th birthday, which was Wednesday.

Or, at least, he tried. Several of the willing Hollywood Boulevard participants racked their brains for a compliment, but simply didn’t find one.

“I can’t really come up with something positive,” a woman said. “I’d ask her if it’s truly her birthday, or if she’s lying about that too.”

Well, those are certainly words.

“Yeah, she’s a great con artist and she’s great at deceiving the public,” one man offered during the man-on-the-street sketch from “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

“She’s the devil,” another woman replied, clearly not getting the spirit of the segment. Later, after tacking on “I think you’re a liar and a murderer,” the angry lady concluded: “I like your hair.”

So, that’s something.

Happy Birthday Hillary! Watch the video above.