Hillary Clinton Email Rips Fox News: ‘Those Shows Need At Least One Sane, Realistic Voice’

Newly released emails show the then-Secretary of State disparaging the No. 1 cable news network

If Hillary Clinton is to become president, she’ll have to persevere against more critical coverage coming from outlets like Fox News — and new emails released Wednesday might make that even tougher.

Emails from her private account as Secretary of State include an exchange Clinton had with a family friend over the first appearance on the network by a mutual friend, Massachusetts state legislator Hank Naughton.

“Yeah for Hank! Maybe he will become a regular,” Clinton wrote. “Those shows need at least one sane realistic voice.” Torrey replied, “Yep, especially certain Fox personalities.”

Fox News famously got a ratings boost when President Obama’s White House went after them, so it’s likely viewers will be seeing a lot of coverage over Clinton’s slight of the network.

Fox News did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

Copy of the email below.