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Hillary Clinton-Endorsed Media Platform Gets Snark Treatment on Twitter

”The left has the media, Google, FB, twitter, etc. You really need another echo chamber?“ one comment reads

Move over Trump TV, here comes Verrit, the new Hillary Clinton-endorsed media platform that was created to give voice to the 65,853,516 Americans who voted for her in the 2016 election.

Former Clinton adviser and the founder/CEO of the new site, Peter Dauo, believes that “American democracy is at stake” and those who “saw through the lies and smears” and ultimately voted for her are ostracized and badgered.

“Hillary Clinton faced relentless vilification, imbalanced media coverage, and foreign propaganda, yet still attracted more votes than any presidential candidate in history except Barack Obama in 2008,” Dauo says on the Verrit website, adding that its purpose is “to become their trusted source of political information and analysis; to provide them (and anyone like-minded) sanctuary in a chaotic media environment; to center their shared principles; and to do so with an unwavering commitment to truth and facts.”

In an interview with Business Insider, Dauo said that we live in a time when you can no longer trust anything that you’re reading. Verrit aims to change that. “Facts are now in question. Reality is now in question,” he said. “So we want to do something where we rigorously vet these facts and we actually stand by our research and put an authentication code on every fact that we put up.”

Clinton endorsed the site, which will publish facts and quotes in various forms of media, as well as include a fact-checking feature.

That may sound fine and dandy to some (like the aforementioned 65.8 million), but many on Twitter got a good laugh out of it. Here’s small sample of those who took issue with the site and Clinton herself: