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Hillary Clinton Explains Emails With 3,600-Word Fact Sheet: ‘Just The Facts, All In One Place’

”The Facts About Hillary Clinton’s Emails“ explains why she used personal email account and whether it was legally allowed

Hillary Clinton’s campaign posted a 3,600-word fact sheet on her email usage as Secretary of State Tuesday.

The Facts About Hillary Clinton’s Emails” details why the presidential candidate used her personal email, whether it was legally allowed, why she deleted a large swath of emails and more.

“These were private, personal messages, including emails about her daughter’s wedding plans, her mother’s funeral services and condolence notes, as well as emails on family vacations, yoga routines, and other items one would typically find in their own email account, such as offers from retailers, spam, etc,” the campaign wrote.

The explanatory document is an attempt by Clinton to offer more transparency in the face of increasing criticism from Republicans, as well as continual media coverage about her personal email usage.

The release of the fact sheet on the same day a historic deal between the U.S. and Iran on nuclear weapons weapons was agreed to is a curious strategy, making it unlikely to get much media attention.

Clinton is currently atop the Democratic polls for president with Bernie Sanders trailing behind her.

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