Hillary Clinton Follows Potential Democratic Challenger Into World of Snapchat for International Women’s Day (Video)

Days after Martin O’Malley joined the social-messaging service, Clinton used it to spread a campaign for International Women’s Day

Hillary Clinton
Getty Images

Hillary Clinton followed potential Democratic presidential challenger Martin O’Malley into the world of Snapchat to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Days after O’Malley joined the social-messaging app, Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea, used Snapchat to spark the “Not There” Campaign, which emphasizes women are not yet where they want to be in our culture.

Clinton’s tweet below urges users to “swipe left.”

The campaign featured prominent women erasing their online avatars and high-profile companies altering their advertisements to make celebrity women disappear.

Tennis star Serena Williams was absent from a giant Beats billboard in Times Square. Scarlett Johansson disappeared from the March cover of Condé Nast.

In total, The Clinton Foundation sparked the alteration of 40 advertisements. They also created a “We’re Not There Yet” video featuring Amy Poehler, Cameron Diaz emphasizing the facts and data around gender equality.

“It’s why many iconic women recently haven’t been on billboards, posters, magazines, or even online,” Diaz’s voiceover says in the video.

The hook—the video is entirely voiceover, with none of the stars appearing.

Watch the video below.