Hillary Clinton Gets a ‘Mansplaining’ Lesson From Jimmy Kimmel (Video)

“You don’t have to shout like that, it hurts my ear … you’re making a speech, not an arrest,” late-night host tells the presidential candidate

Last Updated: March 25, 2016 @ 6:55 AM

After having Bernie Sanders on his show Tuesday night, Jimmy Kimmel welcomed Hillary Clinton with open arms and plenty of jokes on Thursday.

The Democratic rivals are “an interesting pair, because they’re still competing with each other, obviously, but eventually — we know they’re going to team up to stop the deranged billionaire who wants to take over the world,” the late-night host said in his opening monologue. “Which is basically the plot to ‘Batman v Superman.'”

“I know it’s been said a million times, but this election is bananas. Attacking each other’s wives … bragging about their private parts,” Kimmel continued. “Remember when John Kerry’s campaign ended because people saw a picture of him wind surfing? It was a simpler time,” he lamented.

As for Clinton, during her second visit to “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” she actually learned a thing or two after being criticized on social media last week for shouting during a victory speech.

“I feel I am going to be your secret weapon because I’m going to help you win this election, no problem,” Kimmel said, as he prepared to give her a tutorial on how to deliver a knockout victory speech and asked her if she knew what “mansplaining” meant.

“Yeah, that’s when a man explains something to a woman in a patronizing way,” Clinton replied.

Kimmel corrected her by saying:”Actually, it’s when a man explains something to a woman in a condescending way. But you were close,” he said … in a condescending way.

“Mansplaining is a way that we — men — can help you — women — be better,” he continued.

Hillary Clinton on Kimmel with Sign

Out came a podium in front of which Clinton began to do a typical stump speech for the training drill, “Well, thank you, it’s wonderful to be here with all of you.”

“You’re shouting, you’re too loud. You don’t have to shout like that, it hurts my ear. It comes off as little shrill — for men,” he critiqued, while also ripping into her fashion sense. “That’s all … I mean, you’re making a speech, not an arrest. So just tone it down and try it again.”

He continued to dissect her speech, telling her to smile, and then telling her, “Don’t smile like that because it’s too forced … ask yourself, ‘Do you want to be president or do you want to be a Lakers girl?’ And, just be careful with the face. Enough with the sourpuss!”

Frustrated by his constant banter in the background, Clinton fired back: “Your comments are contradictory. Nothing I do is right.”

“Exactly. You’re not doing it right. I can’t quite put my finger on it. But something is, you’re not umm…” Kimmel pondered.

“A man?” Clinton asked.

“Yes! That is it, you’re not a man. But that was really cute the way you did it,” he said in a condescending way once again.

Earlier in the interview, Clinton said she looked forward to debating Donald Trump — if he becomes the Republican nominee — but admitted that she doesn’t think he knows who the Prime Minister of Canada is. (Hint: It is Justin Trudeau).

Kimmel also tried to prove that Clinton’s emails really aren’t that interesting by reading out a “boring” selection, which included scandalous topics such as why there weren’t any apples in her office.

The friendly pair also got into in-depth chats about whether pot should be legalized, if UFOs really exist, and what her new campaign slogan should be in order to compete with “Feel the Bern.”

“Jimmy Kimmel Live!” airs at 11:35 p.m. on ABC.

Watch one clip above, and another here:


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