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How James Corden Got Hillary Clinton to Do That ‘Fire and Fury’ Bit at the Grammys (Video)

Oh, and the CBS host straight-up lied to all the other participants

Hillary Clinton stole the Grammys with her surprise “Fire and Fury” moment — but it almost didn’t even happen, James Corden said a day later.

“We had the idea to do that about 11 days ago,” the awards show host said Monday on his regular “Late Late Show” gig. “But we could only do it if Hillary Clinton is the last person to read. Without that, we don’t know what to do.”

“So we emailed her people and we had not heard anything, but we had to get on and shoot it,” Corden continued. “So we basically — we just lied to everyone.”

“We told Cher, ‘Oh, Hillary’s doing it,'” he recalled. “DJ Khaled, Snoop, Cardi B, John Legend — they all said ‘Yes’ because they thought that Hillary was doing it. And we had no idea whether Hillary would do it or not. We’d show all the parts without her even being there.”

“Thankfully, she said ‘Yes,’ because that is not a call I want to make to Cher,” Corden concluded.

Watch his story-sharing video above, and the actual viral Grammys one below.