Hillary Clinton on How She ‘Became a Kind of Rorschach Test for Women’

TCA 2020: Former presidential candidate/FLOTUS’s docuseries ”Hillary“ launches March 6 on Hulu

Hillary Clinton is well aware that she’s a polarizing figure, but her upcoming Hulu docuseries, “Hillary,” has given the former presidential candidate, former secretary of state and former first lady, a little more insight as to why people either love or hate her.

“It’s really interesting. I think I did around 35 hours of interviewing with [director Nanette Burstein] and I have to say, some of it was clear to me and, really, she picked up on it early on — I became a kind of Rorschach test for women and women’s roles as soon as I burst on the public scene when Bill [Clinton] was running for president,” Clinton told reporters during the Television Critics Association press tour on Friday when a journalist asked what “new conclusions” the docuseries might have given her about the “extreme” reactions to her as a person.

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Jennifer Maas

TV Reporter • jennifer.maas@thewrap.com • Twitter: @jmaasaronson