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Hillary Clinton: Why I Lost Is ‘One of the Big Mysteries of This Election’ (Video)

What Happened?!

Hillary Rodham Clinton continued her media tour on Wednesday, telling NBC late-night host Jimmy Fallon that she continues to be bewildered by her loss in the presidential election last November.

“That’s one of the big mysteries about this election is that the information that I had was not just from my campaign but from so many different sources” pointed to her defeating Donald Trump, she told Fallon.

“You’re there election night. You just have to be in a bad place,” Fallon suggested.


“It didn’t start out that way,” quipped Clinton.

“Did you know? Did you have any intel at all?” Fallon asked.

She admitted that they did not — and that early returns from states like Florida and North Carolina were “worrying but not definitive.”

“But then by the end of the night, by midnight, and we saw what was happening in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, look I was devastated,” she said. “I was not just because I thought I was going to win and I wanted to be president and do the work of being president but because I was so worried about what it meant to have my opponent win. So it was a really tough night.”

Despite moving into its second week atop the New York Times hardcover non-fiction best seller list, Clinton’s book tour to promote “What Happened” has been rocked with controversy. Since it’s debut, partisans have picked apart less than flattering passages — like when Clinton compares herself to Cersei Lannister — to malign the book.

Friendlier audiences have reacted coolly.

“This is not helping the Democratic party.” said MSNBC host Joe Scarborough during an airing of “Morning Joe” last month.  “I’ve heard from Democrats who have said I wish she wouldn’t be doing this,”