Stephen Colbert Examines Drudge Report’s Scandalous Take on Hillary Clinton’s People Magazine Cover (Video)

Drudge insinuated that the former Secretary of State was using “a walker” during People Magazine cover photo shoot

Hillary Clinton hasn’t even announced plans to run for president again in 2016, and her critics are already suggesting she may be too old to handle the job.

Stephen Colbert joined the discussion on Thursday after seeing Karl Rove question the 69-year-old former Secretary of State’s vitality on Fox News, and Drudge Report ask on Twitter if Clinton is “holding a walker” on the cover of People magazine.

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“That’s a fair and reasonable question,” Colbert said. “I do not doubt for a second that if Hillary Clinton used a walker, she’d insist on appearing with it on the cover of People magazine.”

Even though People cleared up the confusion by stating Clinton is “standing next to a patio chair,” Colbert thinks the scandal is “incredibly damaging” to her purely speculative campaign.

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But did Drudge miss an even bigger non-story? Colbert points out that Clinton’s photo is suspiciously next to People’s announcement that “Brady Bunch” star Ann B. Davis died.

“Coincidence?” Colbert said. “Or did Hillary Clinton beat her to death with her walker?”

He left the question open, so the Pullitzer is still out there if a brave Fox News journalist wants to tackle the story.