Hillary Clinton Raises $45 Million Since Campaign Launch, Breaks Obama Record

More than 90 percent of donations were $100 or less

Hillary Clinton has raised more than $45 million since throwing her hat into the 2016 presidential race in April, surpassing the $42 million record held by President Barack Obama for the first quarter after he announced his re-election bid in 2011.

Clinton’s schedule has been jam-packed with fundraising events since launching her second presidential bid, many of them hosted by wealthy donors.

Clinton’s campaign has focused on building a network of small donors, with donations capped at $2,700 during the primary season. Most of the donations — more than 90 percent — were $100 or less.

The fundraising figures will be released as part of a report to the Federal Election Commission for the quarter ending June 30, due on July 15.

Clinton is enjoying a big lead in the polls over her three Democratic challengers, as well as the 14 major Republicans seekig the GOP nomination.