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Hillary Clinton Tells Stephen Colbert ‘Our Democracy Is in Crisis’ (Video)

”I really regret using the word because I wish it weren’t the case,“ Clinton said on ”The Late Show“

Hillary Clinton issued a warning to the American people on Friday night, telling the “Late Show With Stephen Colbert” that President Trump was putting the U.S. republic in danger.

“I really want people to take it seriously regardless of who you voted for, whether you even voted, and think about why our democracy is in crisis, and I don’t use the word lightly. I really regret using the word because I wish it weren’t the case,” she said.

Clinton stopped by “The Late Show” to plug the paperback edition of her campaign memoir “What Happened,” which includes a new forward focusing on her concern for the state of the government.

“Degrading the rule of law, delegitimizing our elections, attacking your favorite subject, truth and reason, spreading corruption, undermining our national unity,” she said. “Each alone is a threat but you put it all together and it really is a crisis to who we are as a nation.”

Clinton also addressed that much-discussed New York Times op-ed from an unnamed Trump administration official who said they were actively working to undermine the president’s worst impulses.

“It may well be unprecedented,” she said. “And the person or people who wrote that article were trying to tell the rest of us we’re stopping bad things from happening and when you think of all the bad things that have happened, that’s pretty sobering.

“It didn’t comfort me,” she added.

Since penning her inside account of the events leading up to her losing the bid for the White House, Clinton has popped up occasionally at conferences and speaking engagements. President Trump continues to routinely invoke Clinton, who he branded “crooked Hillary” and threatened to jail during the campaign.

Watch Clinton’s interview with Colbert above.