Hillary Clinton to Give First Campaign TV Interview to CNN

Former Secretary of State will sit down with senior political correspondent Brianna Keilar; interview will air Tuesday on The Situation Room at 5 p.m. ET

CNN has landed the first national TV interview with Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton scheduled to air Tuesday.

The former Secretary of State will sit down with senior political correspondent Brianna Keilar in Iowa City; the interview will air on “The Situation Room” at 5 p.m. ET.

Clinton has been dogged by the media for weeks over limited media access. The issue reached unpleasing aesthetic levels over the weekend as a Clinton aide put up a rope line blocking journalists from coming near Clinton, who was walking in a parade.

The last time Clinton did high-profile national news interviews was during her “Hard Choices” book tour in 2014, when she spoke to ABC, NBC, CNN, Fox News and others.

CNN viewers can expect questions regarding personal email use during her time as Secretary of State; her thoughts on challenger Bernie Sanders; on controversy swirling around Republican candidate Donald Trump and more.