Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Emails Helped Spark Intelligence Probe

2011 message sent from top aide discusses sensitive evacuation plans for then-special envoy Christopher Stevens


Two emails sent to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private server were the documents that sparked the FBI investigation into the mishandling of classified information, according to reports.

A 2011 email written by State Department official Timmy Davis and forwarded to Clinton by aide Huma Abedin discusses the worsening conditions in Libya as well as possible evacuation plans for then-U.S. Special Envoy Christopher Stevens.

Stevens, who later became ambassador, died during the attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11, 2012.

Another email from November 2012 written by aide Jake Sullivan discussed Libyan arrests potentially relating to the Benghazi attacks.

A note on the email indicates it was classified this year.

But, according to Fox News, the emails in question, which were released to the public in May, led the FBI to launch its probe after the Inspector General for the Intelligence Community became concerned about military information deemed classified at the time.

The State Department later declassified the email after concluding the information was outdated.

Clinton campaign officials say the emails will show that any problem is not with Clinton’s handling of her email accounts but with “overclassification” of communications by intelligence agencies.

Last week, Clinton handed the FBI her private server, used during her four years as secretary of state.

FBI officials have said they believe they’ll be able to retrieve some information from the servers even though they were reportedly wiped clean.