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‘The Hills’ Is Canceled, and Twitter Erupts — With Glee

More mocking than mourning in some circles as the iconic MTV docusoap prepares to fade away

MTV has canceled "The Hills," and TV fans are…. overjoyed?

It’s obviously not scientific, but a quick scan of reaction from the Twitterverse to today’s news about the death of Speidi and LC suggests that more than a few folks out there are beyond thrilled that MTV’s iconic docusoap will soon be no more. Instead of gnashing their teeth or begging for MTV to reconsider, some online citizens are openly rejoicing.

"Amazing how four simple words can sound so good," tweeted @alisakasmer in response to the news headline "MTV Cancels ‘The Hills’."

"There is hope for humanity after all," wrote @jonholato. Added @atweetnextdoor: "Hooray! A victory for smart TV fans everywhere."

And perhaps not surprisingly, the Parents Television Council approved of the news: It retweeted TVMoJoe’s tweet regarding the show’s death — in all caps, with an added exclamation mark.  @TheWrap’s tweet regarding the show’s death.

Not everyone was happy, of course.

"I just died a little bit," sighed @idioteque612.

"I’ll be on suicide watch for the next 48 hours," cried@jaysis.

We’re still waiting for ex-"Hills" diva Lauren Conrad to react to the news online. Her last tweet was Wednesday.

"Just left the dentist. My teeth feel so sparkly clean. :-D," she wrote.


Other fun tweets we found:

–"A sad day for all Americans"– @janzone, who we’re sure was being sarcastic.

–"Yes! They finally did something right!" — @CJDolliver

–"Finally! Thank you MTV!"–@JessieComstock

–"Now can somoneone cancel Speidi?" — WDWStevieB

–"What’s the point of getting out of bed now?" — @AvitheTVGeek

– "Bien ahora que empienzen a dar música como dios manda," which per Google’s translation widget means something about "music" and "God"–@Red_Hood

–"Good riddance! Still recovering my lost brain cells." — @jennysho


CORRECTED 7:51 PM The PTC didn’t edit a @TVMoJoe tweet; it copied a tweet from @TheWrap regarding a @TVMoJoe story.