Hired Guns: How Gamelancer Helps Amateur Gamers Earn Money From Their Consoles

”It’s hard to become an esports professional, but if you’re putting in hours a day doing something you’re passionate about, you should be compensated for that,“ CEO Razvan Romanescu tells TheWrap 

As more people turn to games for comfort and entertainment during the pandemic, a new startup called Gamelancer is courting amateur gamers to use its platform to freelance out their gaming skills for a fee — or “bounty,” as the company calls it.

Think of it as the gig economy taking over the gaming industry, one brief battle at a time. Typically, when players enter into a multiplayer game, they’re matched with whoever happens to be on the same server — which could be anyone from a pro player to a newbie trying out the game for the first time. It’s not an ideal situation for competitive matchmaking.

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Samson Amore

Reporter • samson.amore@thewrap.com • Twitter: @Samsonamore