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HLN Segment Derails After Guest Storms Off Set Over ‘Christian Sharia Law’ (Video)

”This is why a lot of conservatives like me don’t come on shows like this,“ says CRTV host Steve Deace

A Headline News (HLN) segment quickly wrapped up after CRTV host Steve Deace stormed off set when another panelist said some conservatives wanted to implement “Christian Sharia law” in the United States.

The moment on HLN’s “Across America” was precipitated when radio host and Daily Beast columnist Dean Obeidallah — notable for accusing a dead Vietnam war veteran of being a Nazi – said certain Christian conservatives were trying to change America into “the Christian version of Saudi Arabia.”

“The stakes are really high in this country now going into this choice for the next Supreme Court Justice, and there are people on the right who want to impose Christian Sharia law in this country,” said Obeidallah. “What I mean by that is they want to turn the bible into the law of our land.”

Deace took offensive, telling “Across America” anchor Carol Costello, “Once you say certain things like that … I can play this game too. I can go Cultural Marxist, go back and forth with our quips and our trolls and nothing gets accomplished.”

“You guys in the media don’t play referee when this stuff happens, and this is why a lot of conservatives like me don’t come on shows like this,” Deace added, chiding her personally. “Because we get set up to be foils. We get set up to be straw men and here was an attempt where I tried to have a legitimate conversation and it’s already over.”

He then removed his ear-piece and left the set.

You can watch the moment above.