LA’s ‘Hollyweed’ Dispensary Had ‘Nothing to Do’ With Hollywood Sign Vandalism

“But we are very, very excited about it,” employee tells TheWrap

Iconic Hollywood signed altered (again) to read 'Hollyweed'

TheWrap has already exonerated one potential suspect in the New Year’s Hollywood sign vandalism caper. You’re welcome, cops.

Los Angeles-based pot dispensary Hollyweed had “nothing to do with it,” an employee named Sita told us on Sunday. To be perfectly clear, we haven’t seen or heard any actual suspicion that this was a marketing ploy for the cannabis co-op, but it seemed way too perfect not to ask.

Plus, “We are very, very excited about it,” she told us. And why wouldn’t they be? Free advertising!

In case you missed it, some jokester altered the iconic “Hollywood” sign to read “Hollyweed.” Yes, again.

The vandalization of the Hollywood Hills landmark happened either late last night on New Year’s Eve or early this morning. Here’s a photo of the result — it’s since been restored:

This isn’t the first time such a prank has been pulled on New Year’s. In 1976, college students pulled the same stunt to celebrate a law that, essentially, decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana. Consider this one an homage for the original’s 40th anniversary.

Security Services Sgt. Trudeau told CBS Los Angeles that the prankster climbed the mountain around midnight Sunday, throwing two tarps over the “O’s” to make them appear like “E’s.” Per the news website, the incident is being investigated as misdemeanor trespassing, and police plan to review video security footage.

Californians approved Prop 64 in November this year, becoming the fifth state to legalize recreational pot.