Has ‘Hollyweed’ Prankster Been Identified on Instagram?

All signs point to a videographer named Zach Fernandez

Iconic Hollywood signed altered (again) to read 'Hollyweed'

The prankster responsible for turning the iconic Hollywood sign into “Hollyweed” may have been identified on social media.

Zach Fernandez, whose Instagram handle is @Jesushands, is getting support from his followers who believe he vandalized the Los Angeles landmark on New Year’s Day. The videographer and editor has not blatantly taken credit for it, but people are piecing together the clues: Photos from the site show a tarp with the name “Jesus Hands” hanging on the sign’s last O letter, and his latest Instagram update admires the joke from afar.

In all it’s glory.????????✌??????’? #hollyweed photo: @strapsbyelroobs

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In Snapchat videos surfaced by TMZ, Fernandez declares, “Mission completed. Welcome 2017. I feel great. I’m wishing you all a beautiful year.”

Before that, he advised his followers to “keep an eye out.”

Local marijuana dispensary Hollyweed, which TheWrap was quick to rule out as an obvious suspect, commented “THANK YOU” on Fernandez’s Instagram post.

“When I’m back in town, I want to roll through,” he responded.

When asked about the stunt, a Hollyweed staff member previously told TheWrap, “We are very, very excited about it.”

A Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman told TheWrap on Tuesday that detectives have not identified any suspects at this time. When alerted to the possibility that the culprit may have been outed on social media, she assured detectives are looking at all evidence.

Fernandez has not yet responded to TheWrap’s request for comment about his possible involvement.

This isn’t the first time such a prank has been pulled on New Year’s. In 1976, college students pulled the same stunt to celebrate a law that, essentially, decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana. Californians approved Prop 64 in November this year, becoming the fifth state to legalize recreational pot.

Security Services Sgt. Trudeau told CBS Los Angeles that the prankster climbed the mountain around midnight Sunday, throwing two tarps over the “O’s” to make them appear like “E’s.” Per the news website, the incident is being investigated as misdemeanor trespassing, and police plan to review video security footage.

Here’s a closer look at the vandalized sign.

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