‘Hollywood Medium’ Tyler Henry Can See Donald Trump’s Electoral Future

TCA 2016: The E! star says he’s “not worried”

hollywood medium with tyler henry
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“Hollywood Medium” Tyler Henry is “not worried” about Donald Trump — and he can see the future!

The E! reality series star fielded questions from a group of media members Wednesday afternoon, both during a formal press conference and in a post-Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour panel scrum.

“I’m watching him and I am not worried,” Henry told a reporter who asked about Trump’s future. Take that response to mean either he foresees the GOP candidate losing in November, or potentially as Henry having no concerns about the Donald’s leadership abilities. (It was probably not the latter, as this is Hollywood after all.)

The 20-year-old was quite composed during his turn at TCA, some might even say, “rehearsed.” In that regard, he did his job — the promotional one. But he didn’t do his other job — beyond the presidential prediction, that is.

The clairvoyant did not provide any personal readings to the room of roughly 100 media members, when he was met by a healthy dose of questioning about his craft.

To be fair to Henry, the young man was not directly asked to perform his magic — and the reality TV star explained that his dial for such a thing was turned down anyway. To get into the appropriate mental state to provide psychic services, Henry uses meditation. TCA notoriously does not provide any attendee with such requisite peace and quiet.