5 Things Producers Should Do When They Can’t Produce | PRO Insight

The coronavirus pandemic has created new challenges … and opportunities

My law firm was representing around 50 feature and series productions when the COVID-19 pandemic forced all physical productions to a screeching halt. My conversations with producers have shifted from a busy and manic production slate to conversations about homeschooling and contemplating how long the shutdown will continue. Everyone is trying to map out what’s next.

Producers cannot “produce from home.” In the upcoming days, producers will settle the logistics and liabilities of their existing projects into a suspended, postponed or shut down status while the end date remains unknown. So the question in the next few weeks is, what should producers do when they can’t produce. Here’s my advice.

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Elsa Ramo

Elsa Ramo, managing partner of Ramo Law LLC, is an entertainment lawyer who has represented over 100 films and 50 television scripted and unscripted series in 2019 alone.