Ronni Chasen’s Colleagues Skeptical of Investigation Breakthrough

Although the gun was a match, Ronni’s colleagues in the industry still have questions about Harold Smith’s involvement

Though the police announced a breakthrough in the ongoing investigation of Ronni Chasen's murder on Wednesday, the Hollywood publicist's colleagues aren't ready to declare the case closed just yet. 

Knowing that the murder weapon matched the gun Harold Smith used to shoot himself does not explain away her shocking killing for friends of the PR guru.

Many still question what would have potentially motivated Smith to be involved in Chasen's death, and whether her killer acted alone. 

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Representatives from Chasen & Company did not respond to TheWrap's calls and Larry Cohen, Chasen's brother, declined to comment.

But many within the world of Hollywood public relations expressed sadness and disbelief at Wednesday's news.

Some of their reactions:

>>"It does not seem credible. in light of the previous announcements about evidence, this latest news seems incredible." – Stephen Jaffe of Jaffe & Co.

>>"This news just compounds the tragedy." – Michele Robertson of MRC.

>>"I believe the investigatioin will continue. Who hired this crazy to kill Ronni!," Murray Weissman of Murray Weissman & Associates.

>>"And Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone … .” Howard Bragman of Fifteen Minutes Public Relations.

>>"I always felt confident that the Beverly Hills police would solve this. They needed to because they have a reputation as being the Keystone Cops … There are still problems. Was [Smith] alone? Was he hired? Was it road rage?" Edward Lozzi of Edward Lozzi & Associates.

>>"Something about the desperation of it all that makes me so sick … It’s the first time it feels real. The randomness of it all." A publicist who knew Chasen, but declined to be named.