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Hollywood Reacts to Bruce Jenner’s Transgender Revelation on Social Media

Russell Simmons, Lena Dunham, Lady Gaga, Rob Lowe and the Kardashians tweet support after ”20/20“ interview

Bruce Jenner’s highly-touted interview with Diane Sawyer aired Friday night, delivering not only the long awaited news that the former Olympian is transitioning to female — but also major star support on social media.

Rosie O’Donnell, Rob Lowe, Lady Gaga, Ellen DeGeneres, Russell Simmons and plenty more show business types spoke out about the sit-down, singing Jenner’s praises as a trailblazer and hero .

“Bruce Jenner – An American hero yet again. You changed everything tonight. Thank you. #brave #authentic #beautiful,” wrote Debra Messing.

Gaga, ever-aware of the internet’s invective, cautioned her followers that “we have the chance to write this moment in history together. Let’s empower people like Bruce all over the world by being loving and not mean.”

Jenner’s stepchildren, the Kardashians, did not participate in the ABC News special but chimed in with support after the special aired.

“Just finished watching the #BruceJennerInterview with the family. Bruzer, I’m soooo proud of you! Dads really are heros,” said Khloe Kardashian.

“Couldn’t be a more proud daughter. With courage and bravery, let’s change the world. I am honored to stand by Bruce’s side and support him,” Kourtney Kardashian uploaded.

An updating list of notable reactions include: