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Hollywood Reacts to Presidential Debate, Round 2: From J.K. Rowling to Jesse Williams

The moderators were the real stars of the evening, according to Twitter reactions

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off in a second presidential debate Sunday night, which included personal attacks, passionate arguments and a whole bunch of interrupting–all of which gave Hollywood’s biggest stars something to do for the evening (and probably carpal tunnel syndrome).

Even though all eyes were on the presidential candidates, multiple users thought the moderators, Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz were the real stars of the evening.

“I deeply worship the badassery of Martha Raddatz,” tweeted “Scandal” creator, Shonda Rhimes.

“I’m living for Anderson this debate lol,” said “Scream Queens” star Keke Palmer.

But even the well-lauded moderators at the presidential debate couldn’t keep the focus off Trump and his sinus passages.

“Does Trump do this sniffing thing during any other speaking appearances besides these debates?,” asked the “Grey’s Anatomy” star and activist Jesse Williams.

Issa Rae, the creator for HBO’s new series about two black women’s friendship and uncomfortable shared experiences, used the opportunity to promote her show.

“Kind of bummed Trump stole our Pussy thunder. ” said Rae.

Others were just so deeply traumatized after watching the debate that they needed to take a little time to recuperate.

“I’m watching Fantastic Mr. Fox as my self care,” tweeted YouTube star Akilah Hughes.

See some of the best tweets below.