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Hollywood Revolted After Harvey Weinstein Rape Allegations: ‘Horrifying, Vomit Inducing’

Ben Affleck, Jessica Chastain among those shocked and furious

Harvey Weinstein allegedly raped at least three women as part of his decades long rampage of sexual assault, according to explosive new reporting from the New Yorker. The storied magazine published a damning new account of Weinstein allegations, with reporter Ronan Farrow speaking to 13 different women.

In addition to the fresh accusations, Oscar winning actresses Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow have now come forward with tales of sexual misconduct at the hands of Weinstein.

The New Yorker also included secretly recorded police audio from 2015 showing the former Hollywood titan making unwanted sexual advances towards a young model.

Though Weinstein has already been fired from his namesake company, Hollywood reacted with fresh revulsion at the new revelations.