Hollywood Scrambles to Stay Financially Afloat During Coronavirus Pandemic | Podcast

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Companies big and small are making moves to survive this crisis

Hollywood companies are taking massive revenue hits amid the coronavirus pandemic and some are being forced to get creative in order to keep the lights on. In a sneak peek of our upcoming podcast “The Wrap-Up,” TheWrap’s editor-in-chief, Sharon Waxman, and assisting managing editor, Daniel Goldblatt, spoke with reporters Trey Williams and Jeremy Fuster about some of the ways these companies are trying to stay alive during this crisis. Several companies — Disney and Comcast, to name a few — are taking on debt to help offset the lost revenue. “The companies that can, meaning the ones that have a good credit rating, are tapping those markets to raise money to help them survive, really just stay afloat during this period,” Williams explained. “Because obviously you’re not going to fully offset the revenue they would have gotten. But this is a way for them to basically just survive and make it through.” Watch the video above to see the full conversation and stay tuned for more information about the launch of “The Wrap-Up.”