Are Scripts Still Selling in a Year of Pandemic? | Pro Insight

”When studio executives tell you that they’ve run out of money for the quarter or whatever, they are just politely passing,“ Underground producer/manager Trevor Engelson says

2020 charged out of the gate with middle fingers raised, and creative professionals of all kinds have been especially hard hit. We asked some top lit managers and agents how they’re weathering the tsunami of the pandemic and media consolidation — and what moves they’re making to keep their clients employed.

“It’s no secret that the film business is hurting,” APA agent Adam Perry said. “The initial panic was what to do with everything in production or about to go into production. I felt terrible for creatives, studios, producers, etc., (who) pour their hearts and souls into what they do.” Then came the force majeures (projects that unraveled), layoffs and pay cuts pretty much everywhere. “At the agencies, while feature and TV lit were still able to keep working, other departments have been clobbered. I am fortunate to be on the lit side of things,” Perry observed. “Touring has taken the hardest hit.”

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