Hollywood Sex Ring House Revealed: Inside the M&C Estate (Video)

Convicted sex offender Marc Collins-Rector, named in Michael Egan’s lawsuit against Bryan Singer, executive produced “Chad’s World”, starring Seann William Scott before the world knew him as Stifler

The infamous estate where “X-Men” director Bryan Singer and other high-powered Hollywood executives allegedly preyed on underage boys at wild gay sex parties is where a 1998 pilot for the Digital Entertainment Network was shot.

Carefully framed exteriors and interiors have been hiding in plain sight on YouTube since 2006 when “Chad’s World” was uploaded.

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The low-budget production, about a boy coming to terms with his sexuality after moving in with his gay brother and his partner in Hollywood, stars a young Seann William Scott. The actor best known for starring in comedies took on the dramatic role a year before breaking out as Stifler in “American Pie.”

Convicted sex offender Marc Collins-Rector, who was named in Michael Egan’s sex abuse lawsuit against “X-Men” director Bryan Singer, executive produced the pilot that was shot at the Encino, Calif. home known as the M & C Estate. Egan’s lawsuit claims Collins-Rector began sexually abusing him as a teenager 2-3 months before he was introduced to Singer in the estate’s pool (which makes a cameo in the opening title sequence), and then allegedly “forcibly sodomized” him.

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Collins-Rector pled guilty in 2004 to luring five minors across state lines to have sex with them. He allegedly lived at the M & C Estate during the time period Egan claims he was being abused by a number of Hollywood executives who used “drugs, alcohol, threats, and inducements ” take advantage of minors.

Here are photos of the M&C estate:

M & C Estate - Pool

M & C Estate - Front  Yard