Hollywood Shows Support for Terry Crews After Sharing Sexual Assault Story: ‘Thank You’

The “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star came forward Tuesday saying a “high level Hollywood executive” groped him last year

Terry Crews
Actor Terry Crews

Hollywood is showing up for Terry Crews, who tweeted Tuesday his own account of sexual misconduct by a “high level Hollywood executive.”

Crews tweeted that the executive “came over 2 me and groped my privates” at an industry function in 2016.

“I was going to kick his ass right then — but I thought twice about how the whole thing would appear,” Crews said five days after the New York Times exposed decades of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct towards women, which has dominated the entertainment and media news cycle since. In a subsequent piece published Tuesday by the New Yorker, three women accused Weinstein of rape.

Crews continued to say that he didn’t do anything because of the optics of a black man retaliating against a powerful Hollywood elite. He said he understands why many women in similar situations don’t come forward. “Who’s going 2 believe you? ( few) What r the repercussions?(many) Do u want 2 work again? (Yes) R you prepared 2b ostracized?(No),” he tweeted. You can find his full thread over here.

After the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star recounted his allegations, other stars have praised him for coming forward.

“Thanks @terrycrews for this thread. Hopefully it makes others brave, regardless of their gender,” tweeted Aisha Tyler. “People. Are. Not. Things.”

Alyssa Milano also expressed gratitude for Crews’ bravery. “Thank you, @terrycrews. For anyone that asked, “what took them so long to come forward?” Please read below,” she tweeted.

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