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Hollywood Stars Urge Patience, Fight Anxiety Over 2020 Election Results

”This feels like being awake during your own surgery,“ Jimmy Kimmel noted

Hollywood stars are reacting to ongoing election counts, mostly with a mix of anxiety and dread, tweeting well into the night and waking up anxious as the race between remains too close to call.

Per the Associated Press. President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden remain deadlocked as battleground states continue to count votes, many of which were received by mail.

Pro-Trump actress Kirstie Alley said Wednesday morning that she “awoke to strangeness,” and repeated Trump’s inaccurate accusations that mail-in voting is somehow illegitimate. “The problem with mail in votes is they are ghosts. No proof of anything including being alive, being a resident, or being a citizen. Absentee ballots are not mail in votes. But we knew that didn’t we? Hope the ghosts don’t win,” Alley tweeted.

Some Hollywood figures stayed up to watch the election results continue to pour in, including late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, who tweeted, “this is like being awake during your own surgery.”

Actress Chrissy Teigen found it amusing to compare liberal fears of losing the election to what she imagined were Republicans’. Teigen tweeted, ‘it’s insane what *our* fears are if we lose, compared to their fears if Biden wins. like we will prob all die or be handmaids and they’re worried about bathroom safety.”

Teigen was referring to controversial so-called “bathroom bills;” challenges from republican lawmakers that would ban transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice in public, an effort that’s spearheaded by baseless claims that allowing transgender individuals to use the proper restroom somehow encourages sex crimes (there is no evidence to support this).

Charlize Theron posted a celebratory message congratulating Sarah McBride, the first out transgender state senator to be elected in Delaware — and first trans woman elected to senate overall. “We are all a mess of anxiety right now but at least we can celebrate this incredible news,” Theron said with a link to an article about McBride’s win.

Rapper Cardi B said on her Instagram last night that she was so stressed out “watching these states turn red” that she felt the need to smoke three cigarettes at once. ” Earlier in the day, Cardi was sharing promo codes on her social media for fans to use to get free rideshare lifts to the polls — she was one of several hip-hop artists to do so, including Migos’ Offset and rapper DaBaby.

Speaking of substances, former “Hairspray” actress Ricki Lake asked Twitter today, “is it a Bloody Mary kind of morning? Asking for a friend.” Bravo late-night host Andy Cohen replied with another way to take the edge off, suggesting Lake instead “wake and bake.”

Check out more celebrity reactions to the ongoing election count below.