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Hollywood Slams Susan Collins’ Yes on Kavanaugh: ‘I Can’t Watch This Anymore’

Maine senator was one of the last remaining swing votes for Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court

Maine senator Susan Collins announced in a lengthy 42-minute speech in front of the Senate Friday that she would vote “yes” on appointing Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court… and Hollywood has something to say about it.

Reaction came swiftly to the Republican senator’s announcement, with many frustrated at how long she spoke in criticizing the nomination process and praising Kavanaugh’s background before revealing her ultimate vote.

“I can’t watch this anymore,” actress Padma Lakshmi said on Twitter Friday. “This is such a letdown for women everywhere.”

Earlier in the day, activists and protestors flooded the hallway in front of Sen. Collins’ office. She was one of the few remaining swing votes in a tight race in which Republicans have a 51-49 majority over the Democrats. Friday, Collins had supported limiting debate on the Senate floor and advancing Kavanaugh’s appointment to a vote on Saturday.

Arizona senator Jeff Flake announced earlier Friday that he planned to vote “yes,” while Alaskan Republican Lisa Murkowski broke with party lines and voted against advancing Kavanaugh’s nomination to a vote on Saturday. Democratic senator Joe Manchin also supported advancing Kavanaugh’s appointment to a vote Saturday, but it is unclear how he’ll ultimately vote.

Collins argued in her speech that Kavanaugh will be a check on Presidential power and is more of a centrist than he has been given credit for. She also called Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony “sincere” and “painful.”

Here’s how some other voices in Hollywood reacted to the news:

timothy simons tweet

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Those in the media similarly shared their thoughts on Collins. Fox News host Laura Ingraham praised Collins’s “substantive and in-depth” speech, while Michael Avenatti chided Collins as being “entirely disingenuous and shameful.”