Hollywood’s Most- & Least-Liked Execs? Survey Says …

Some big surprise: Kevin Spacey makes the Most-Liked list, Jake Gyllenhaal makes Least-Liked — and Jeff Zucker’s even less liked than before

The day you hoped for/feared is here. The 2010 Brown List, a survey conducted by the Hollywood Temp Diaries to find the Most-Liked and Least-Liked entertainment executives is complete. A few interesting stats:

·Total nominations increased 400% over last year to nearly 4,500 submissions.

·The winner of the Most-Liked executive won with 445 nominations, almost 30 times the votes James Waugh got last year when he was crowned king.

·Irony Alert: Kevin Spacey, who played supreme Hollywood jerk Buddy Ackerman in “Swimming with Sharks,” actually made the Most-Liked list. 

·The "winner" of the Least-Liked executive garnered 1,117 nominations, nearly 20x what Randall Emmett received last year when he won the category.

·Nominations for Jeff Zucker as a Least-Liked increased 33% over last year while losing the one vote for Most-Liked. Comcast announces he's getting shown the door. Coincidence?

·Not surprised Mel Gibson (“Summer City”) made the Least-Liked list given his recent issues with voicemails, cops and countless other problems. Jake Gyllenhaal (“Bubble Boy”) did, too.

I will not spoil any more of the surprises.  So now, without any further delay, here's the Brown List.