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Daniel Stern Reunites With ‘Home Alone’ Co-Star – A Terrifying Spider (Video)

If you’ve ever wondered if the actor who played criminal Marv can still belt out a head-turning shriek in the presence of a spider, the answer is yes

“Home Alone” star Daniel Stern had another terrifying encounter with a tarantula, but this time it wasn’t scripted.

“Guess what I just got in the bucket,” the actor told his fans in a YouTube video. “I hope I can show you guys without killing myself.”

What came next should please any fan of the 1990 classic starring Macaulay Culkin. Stern, who played Wet Bandit Marv Merchants, belts out a classic shriek when showing the hairy arachnid to the camera.

Watch the video above for a quick dose of nostalgia.