‘House of Cards’ Trailer: Doug Stamper Is Finally Out of the Shadows – Oh, and He’s Also Fired (Video)

“I’m not going to be told what to do anymore, Doug,” President Claire Underwood warns him. “Not by you or any man, ever again”

Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) is a scary, dangerous man — he’s not the kind of guy you just fire and wish well, President Claire Underwood (Robin Wright). Netflix unveiled its official trailer for the sixth and final season of “House of Cards” on Monday, and the footage makes actual American politics look civil.

First things first: How are the new President Underwood’s first 100 days going?

“I think she might be the worst thing that has ever happened to this country,” one talking head opines in the preview.

OK, so, not great.

Perhaps it is speeches like this one:
“The American oligarchs out there, they are coming for us,” Claire says at a women’s rally. “They are trying to strip me of my constitutional power as commander in chief.”

She’s also shedding potential allies, both stateside and abroad.

“I’m not going to be told what to do anymore, Doug,” she warns Stamper, her late husband’s loyal fixer. “Not by you or any man, ever again.”

Needless to repeat, Stamper is no longer in the employ of the White House. But that doesn’t mean he’s now without influence — it just means he needs to step out of the shadows to exercise it.

Watch the video above.