‘House of Cards’: Watch New President Claire Underwood’s July 4 Message (Video)

A newly-single Claire Underwood has a message

House of Cards President Claire Underwood Independence Day

Just in time for the Fourth of July, President Claire Underwood has a message for fans of Netflix’s “House of Cards.”

“Happy Independence Day…to me. #myturn”

The promo is another chance for fans to get a glimpse of Claire as the president, and the supporting hashtag certainly provides a message of intent as she declares her literal and figurative independence from her husband Frank in a not-so-subtle fashion.

Between seasons, Kevin Spacey, who played Frank Underwood, was accused of sexual misconduct by 15 different men, including actor Anthony Rapp, who said Spacey sexually harassed him when he was 14, and the accusations led to Spacey being fired from the show.

Spacey and Wright have led the show as the power-hungry power couple throughout the show’s five seasons. Season 5 of “House of Cards” ended with Frank Underwood resigning as U.S. President and being replaced by Claire, who manipulates Frank to take control of the White House and denies him his hopes for a presidential pardon for his many misdeeds.

In saying that it’s her turn, and if that hashtag is any indication, expect for Claire to take full advantage of being the 47th president.