How Bloomberg Businessweek Predicts Obama Will Look in 4 Years

Businessweek predicted what the president will look like in four years — and it gives Tina Brown's aged Princess Diana cover a run for its money

Businessweek took a number from Newsweek editor Tina Brown's penchant for provocative covers for its presidential election issue this week — digitally aging both candidates face for alternate lead stories.

Bloomberg BusinessweekRe-elected Tuesday night, a grayed President Barack Obama graced the magazine's front page, looking similar to Brown's portrait of late Princess Diana photoshopped to look 50.

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"This issue of Bloomberg Businessweek reports on the road ahead for President Obama as he faces the fiscal cliff and crucial decisions for the future of the economy, business, and defense," the editors wrote. Bloomberg Businessweek"The opposition remains considerable, and no matter how successful he is, the hardest job in the world will take its toll."

But knowing the magazine's team would have to wait long into the night to find out the elections, it prepared an alternate cover, featuring a wrinkled Gov. Mitt Romney.

Businessweek made a splash last week with its cover story on Hurricane Sandy. The newsweekly printed a photo of a flooded Manhattan street and wrote the headline: "It's Climate Change, Stupid" in bold letters across the front.