How Indie Production Studio Treehouse Pictures Finds its Roots Among Big Studio Blockbusters

”We’re not just running after something because it feels hot or competitive,“ Treehouse Head of Development Juliet Berman says

As the big Hollywood studios evolve, consolidate and get bigger, the road to success for indie production houses like Treehouse Pictures is to somehow artfully fill in the space between the big-budget blockbusters, super hero flicks and IP-driven franchises.

This year has seen several indie films underperform at the box office, including STX Entertainment’s “The Best of Enemies,” Amazon’s glitzy Sundance purchase, “Late Night,” and Annapurna’s “Booksmart.” But despite the otherwise disappointing year for indie films, there remains the belief that there’s room for more.

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Trey Williams

Film Reporter covering the biz • • Twitter: @trey3williams