How Mythical Entertainment Founders, YouTube Stars Rhett and Link Built an Empire From a Teenage Pact | Video

”The sort of guiding principle is make something for yourself, and you’ll attract an audience that is like-minded and appreciates it,“ Rhett McLaughlin says

Rhett McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln Neal III, better known as Rhett and Link, have come a long way since penning their first screenplay together at age 14. After signing a blood oath to “create something together,” Neal said, the two formed Mythical Entertainment in 2006 and have been linked on every project since.

Mythical Entertainment grew from the seed that was Rhett and Link’s popular comedy talk show, “Good Mythical Morning,” which first aired in 2011 (under a different name) and counts 16 million subscribers and over 6 billion lifetime views on YouTube.

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Samson Amore

Reporter • • Twitter: @Samsonamore