How Podcast Producers Are Coping With Remote Broadcasting

Commutes to work and gyms have disappeared, forcing the podcast industry to adapt, Stitcher executive Chris Bannon says

The podcast industry enjoyed an upward trend before the COVID-19 outbreak, with shows emerging at rapid speed and advertisers eager to jump on board. But as the spreading coronavirus forces many to work remotely, the industry is trying to find ways to emerge from the pandemic at the place it was before everything shut down.

Remote work presents a challenge for podcast networks, which rely heavily on in-studio recording teams and live shows with audiences. Hosts are adjusting by using portable recording tools and virtual meeting tech like Zoom or Google Hangouts to produce content fast. Most networks also are adjusting their programming slates to distribute shows about timely coronavirus-related content.

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Samson Amore

Reporter • • Twitter: @Samsonamore