How ‘Scandal’ Just Explained the Reality of Sexism With One Witty Remark

Touché Marcus, touché

(Spoiler alert: Please do not read on if  you haven’t watched Thursday’s episode of “Scandal”)

Former President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn) isn’t sexist (at least his character doesn’t portray any blatant signs of being so), but even he got a very real reminder of just how unfair life can be for women.

Thursday night’s episode of “Scandal” focused mostly on what President Fitzgerald Grant has been up to since he’s been pretty MIA since the start of the season. Basically, he’s trying to live a regular life in Vermont in the house he had built for he and Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington)

Unfortunately, he still had some work to do as reminded by Marcus Walker (Cornelius Smith Jr.). Former President Grant was still in charge of running a foundation, his foundation, and he had to sift through years of paperwork and things to decide what he wanted on display at this foundation.

Walker made sure to explain to Fitz that he also needed to pick out some things to depict his relationship with Olivia — of course, Fitz was appalled. Why would he need to put anything in his foundation that showed his relationship with Olivia?

Because Olivia was important to the people, Marcus explained to him. He also added how people were branding the couple as “Olitz,” which Fitz thought was ridiculous.

“I spent eight years in the most powerful office in the world, running the most powerful nation in the world, and you’re basically telling me I’ve been reduced to a man who loved a woman,” Grant told Marcus.

And the line that perfectly summed up sexism in one little sentence?

“Welcome to the plight of almost every successful woman in the history of mankind,” responded Marcus.

Touché Marcus, touché.