Why Stand-Up Comics All Need Podcasts of Their Own

”I can count maybe three comedians that don’t have one,“ comedian and podcaster Natasha Leggero told TheWrap

In 2010, comedian Tom Segura marked two firsts that would change his career: He came out with his first comedy album called “Thrilled.” He also started a podcast, with the goal that it one day would make enough money to cover his rent for the apartment he shared with wife and co-host Christina Pazsitzky. Their apartment’s brown leather couch doubled as their studio. 

Nine years later, their podcast “Your Mom’s House” has moved out of their apartment and into a 3000-square-foot studio. Four more podcasts, including “Dr. Drew After Dark” and Pazsitzky’s “Where My Mom’s At?” are also under the umbrella of Your Mom’s House Studios, Segura and Pazsitsky’s podcast company. Segura said they are still growing, with plans to move into an even bigger space soon.

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