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How ‘The Good Fight’ Season 3 Will Be Like ‘Friends’

TCA 2019: Yes, we said “Friends”

“The Good Fight” is drawing inspiration for its third season from an unusual place: “Friends.”

In Season 2, the “Good Wife” spinoff titled each episode after the number of days we were into Donald Trump’s presidential administration to that point. This time around, producers are doing a “Friends” sendup instead.

“We’re trying to play off ‘Friends,'” series co-creator Robert King said Wednesday at the Television Critics Association press tour. “So it’s gonna be ‘The One…'”

“For example, the second [episode] is ‘The One Inspired by Roy Cohn,'” he explained.

“Another is “The One Inspired by Proud Boys,” King continued, calling the device “a way to kind of give some narrative clues to [each episode] — but do it in a comical way.”

“Friends” famously titled each of its 236 episodes “The One…,” like “The One Where Joey Speaks French” (2004), “The One Where Emma Cries” (2002), “The One With the Stoned Guy” (1995), etc. You get the idea.

“In part, because we loved the number of days in Season 2, but we could never remember which episode it was,” his wife and fellow series creator Michelle King added. “So half of it is just for us.”

Don’t worry, the upcoming run won’t be devoid of Trump bashing. Click here for more of how the show will tackle the current presidency, including the Kings’ “backup plan” should POTUS get impeached IRL.

“The Good Fight” returns to streaming video on demand service CBS All Access on March 14.

Watch the Season 3 trailer here.