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How Tiger’s Choke Helped Vick’s ’60’

The preliminary numbers on the big "exclusive" are in.

CBS’ much-hyped “60 Minutes” exclusive with rehabilitated dog fighting felon Michael Vick led to a ratings win for the network.

According to TVNewser, last night’s “60 Minutes” was watched by 12.1 million, leading to a 2.6 rating among the 18-to-49-year-old demo – up from 1.5 the week before.

The show got a big lead-in from Tiger Woods’ gripping final round at the PGA Championship, which was decided on the last hole and ran until 7:19 p.m. EST. (Tiger lost to Y.E. Yang.)

I still think CBS missed a golden opportunity to scoop the Michael Vick press conference late last week by posting the uncut interview online. (They waited until Sunday to post the video – and it has generated more than 750 comments so far.)

But it appears they did alright anyway.

Here’s video of the Vick segment: