How to Advocate for Equal Pay: ‘Stand in Your Success’ (All Things Video Podcast)

”If you don’t feel like you’re doing a great job, then other people may begin to question your competency as well,“ ZeroGap founder Jacqueline Twillie says

Jacqueline Twillie is the founder and president of ZeroGap, which provides training programs for women’s leadership development. ZeroGap’s mission is to eliminate the gender wage gap and increase the longevity of women in leadership roles, particularly within male-dominated industries. She’s also an instructor for General Assembly, career coach and the best-selling author of “Navigating the Career Jungle: A Guide for Young Professionals.”

In the latest episode of “All Things Video,” Jackie offers suggestions to help women improve their executive presence, risk and resilience, and negotiation skills. “Through my research over the years,” she explained, “I’ve identified those three core areas as a catalyst to help women be successful in leadership roles.”

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