‘How to Get Away With Murder’: Why Frank Can’t Be the One Under the Sheet

Because it just can’t

CHARLIE WEBER frank delfino

(Spoiler alert: Please do not read on if  you haven’t watched Thursday’s episode of “How to Get Away With Murder”)

This season’s “How to Get Away With Murder” has us all running around in circles, hyperventilating, crying and having mini heart-attacks trying to figure out who that damn person is under the sheet, and Thursday night’s episode pointed us all toward one person — Frank.

After watching the latest episode, we can be certain that all of the Keating 5 are in the clear, but we were left with a heart-wrenching scene of Frank (Charlie Weber) holding a gun under his chin, threatening to kill himself while Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) is egging him on (yes, it sounds bad, but there’s a whole back-story to it).
But I’m here to calm us all down and explain why it can’t possibly be our beloved, crazed Frank.

When Annalise looks to see who’s under the sheet, she collapses and cries her little conniving heart out. She can’t possibly be that sad after she was just encouraging Frank to shoot himself; then again Annalise is quite the actress herself, so maybe she fake-cried.

OK, another reason.
Let’s say Frank did end up shooting himself and Annalise wanted the house set ablaze to get rid of evidence or whatever. Someone torched Annalise’s house and we know it wasn’t her, because she literally never does her own dirty work–she leaves it up to Frank. The Keating 5 were all safe somewhere (except for Laurel, but that’s another story), and Oliver and Bonnie both arrived after the fire. So there’s no way any of them could have set the house on fire. Therefore, Frank needs to be alive to do Annalise’s work for her.

Not convinced yet? It’s OK, we have more.

It would be way too obvious for Frank to be the “unidentified male” found in the burning house. One episode he’s attempting suicide and the next he’s found dead? It would be too easy for Shonda Rhimes to just hand us that conclusion on a silver platter. No, Rhimes wants us to cry. She wants us devastated and unable to function for the rest of the week.

Unless she’s toying with our emotions and it really does end up being Frank.

So just kidding, I guess we really don’t know if it’s Frank or not. Except it can’t be.