How to Watch ‘Shotgun Wedding’: Is the Jennifer Lopez Marriage Movie Streaming?

Josh Duhamel stars as JLo’s handsome but high maintenance beau

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Wedding days are already so stressful, but when pirates threaten Darcy (Jennifer Lopez) and Tom’s (Josh Duhamel) ceremony, the chaos reaches a new level. All the happy couple wants is to get through their destination wedding in the Philippines with different family members and friends hashing out old and new drama. Rather than the typical challenges like cold feet or misplaced rings, the dynamic duo has to overcome some major hurdles just to say “I Do.”

Director Jason Moore (“Pitch Perfect”) brings Mark Hammer’s script to life with the help of an impressive ensemble cast. Two key needle-drop moments solidify this action-filled romantic comedy.

Fans of Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel may be wondering how to watch “Shotgun Wedding,” and we have the details below:

When Does “Shotgun Wedding” Premiere?

The global premiere of “Shotgun Wedding” took place Wednesday, Jan. 18 at the TCL Chinese Theater. The film arrives for all audiences Friday, Jan. 27.

Will “Shotgun Wedding” Be Streaming?

Yes, “Shotgun Wedding” will head straight to Amazon Prime Video on Jan. 27, foregoing a theatrical release.

What Is “Shotgun Wedding” About?

Tom and Darcy’s big day unfolds in an unexpected way. With groomzilla Tom stressing over every detail of their wedding and Darcy’s secret fear of commitment, pirates that interfere with their destination wedding in the Philippines add a whole new layer of chaos to the ceremony. With guests taken hostage and the star couple hashing out their differences while dealing with grenades and guns, improvised and creative tactics help the entire wedding party thwart the pirates and their schemes.

Who Is in “Shotgun Wedding”?

Jennifer Lopez stars as Darcy Rivera, a lawyer who has been engaged once before. Josh Duhamel stars as Tom Fowler, the other half of the central couple who just got dropped from his minor league baseball team The Robins. Steve Coulter plays Tom’s dad Larry Fowler, and the woman of the moment herself Jennifer Coolidge plays Tom’s mother Carol Fowler. Cheech Marin plays Darcy’s father Robert, and Sonia Braga portrays her mother Renata Ortiz. Callie Hernandez appears as Darcy’s sister Jamie Rivera. Desmin Borges plays Tom’s best man Ricky Silver. D’Arcy Carden plays Robert’s new girlfriend Harriet, and Lenny Kravitz plays Darcy’s ex-fiancé Sean Hawkins. Selena Tan plays Margy, owner of the resort in the Philippines where the wedding takes place, and Alberto Isaac plays her husband Ace. Melissa Hunter appears as Tom’s sister Jeannie. Pancho Cardena plays the Pirate Leader, and Alex Mallari Jr. plays Dog-Face.

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