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Howard Stern Apologizes to Lena Dunham for ‘Little Fat Girl’ Remarks (Video)

Stern admits he "loves" her HBO comedy, "Girls"

Howard Stern has apologized for calling "Girls" creator Lena Dunham a "little fat girl," saying he loves the HBO series.

Getty Images"I really do love the show 'Girls,' and enjoy it, and I admire the girl who writes it," he said on Monday, the morning after Dunham took home two Golden Globes for her work on the show. "It makes me feel bad, and I think she is getting the impression that I somehow think she's just a talentless little fat chick."

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The Sirius XM personality never called Dunham talentless. But last week he did compare the show's sex scenes to rape and accused her of being a "camera hog."

"It's a little fat girl who looks like Jonah Hill and keeps taking her clothes off and it kind of feels like a rape," Stern said. "Then I learned this little fat chick writes the show and directs the show and that makes sense to me because she's such a camera hog that the other characters barely are on."

Stern also offered some well wishes: "But hey, what can I tell you. Good for her. Ya know. It's hard for little fat chicks to get any kind of thing going," he said.

Stern said Monday he asked "Howard Stern Show" producer Gary Dell'Abate to reach out to Lena so he could explain himself to her "and apologize" because he does, in fact, "love the show."

Appearing on "The Late Show With David Letterman" last week, Dunham didn't sound particularly offended by Stern's remarks.

"I'm a Howard Stern fan and really think he has earned the right to free speech and he should just go for it," she said. "But he did say something that is so funny that I want to get it on my gravestone: 'Congrats to her. It's so hard for little fat chicks to get anything going these days.' I want my gravestone to say, 'She was a little fat chick and she got it going.'"

Watch Howard Stern clarify his comments about "Girls":