Howard Stern Gives David Letterman a Goodbye Kiss (Video)

“The Late Show” host is also joined by veteran comic Don Rickles

Howard Stern wasn’t afraid to show his affection for David Letterman on Monday, even if it wasn’t reciprocated.

As one of the “Late Show” host’s final guests before he retires on May 20, the Sirius XM shock jock began by complaining that fellow guest, Don Rickles, had been invited on a dinner date with Letterman.

“He invited Don to go for dinner with him after the show, do you think I was invited? I wasn’t invited, but I didn’t want to go anyway,” Stern said.

After a brief banter over the DJ’s clothing choice, Stern dragged the veteran host over to the stage and leaned in for a smooch.

“Kiss me, kiss me!” he said as Dave tried to wriggle free.

Later, 89-year-old Rickles told Letterman that Johnny Carson was better at working with the animals than he was after taking over the show.

“But it’s the animals, I’ve got nothing to do with it!” Dave argued.

“No need to get pissed off, we’re just talking,” Rickles retorted. “Here we are, two Jews looking for friends, and you turn on us.”

The final episode of “The Late Show With David Letterman” airs May 20 on CBS. Stephen Colbert is set to take over for Letterman in September.