Howard Stern Mulling Offer to Appear on Conan

It probably won’t happen, but Stern on “Tonight” would be open war on Leno. Plus: Rosie O’Donnell’s own anti-Jay rant

Will Howard Stern be one of Conan O’Brien’s final guests on "The Tonight Show"?

As of Sunday morning, the Sirius XM shock jock is not booked as a guest, and one show insider says an appearance "probably" won’t happen.

And yet, the buzz in comedy circles today is that an offer is out to Stern to come on "Tonight." Indeed, Stern talked about the notion on his Friday show.

Please, Howard: Say yes.

Stern has made little secret of his contempt for Jay Leno. Usually, his Leno diatribes take place on "Late Show with David Letterman," since Letterman has beef with the Chin. And he and Stern are long-time buddies (at least on camera).

But from the "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" file, Stern on O’Brien would very likely provide some major fireworks. He would no doubt look to goad Conan into revealing his inner-most thoughts about getting "screwed" by NBC , as "SNL" described it last night.

Stern suggested he might even trade places with O’Brien, interviewing him from the "Tonight Show" set.

NBC has been pretty cool so far about letting its stars bash the network and each other on-air. A flogging of Leno by Stern, however, could prove to be a bridge too far for the Peacock.

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, here’s a clip from Friday’s Howard Stern show in which Stern bashes Leno– and plays clips from Rosie O’Donnell’s beat down of Leno on her SiriusXM

Sample slam: "Jay does everything sneaky behind everyone’s back and then wants them to be their friend," Stern said.