Howard Stern ‘Pretty Sure’ He’s Leaving Sirius

Shock jock tells satellite radio listeners end of year exit is likely

Last Updated: December 7, 2010 @ 7:00 AM

It sounds like more shock jock posturing, but Howard Stern told his satellite radio listeners on Thursday that he is “pretty sure” he will leave Sirius XM when his five-year, $500 million contract expires at the end of the year.

Stern said he’s not leaving the radio business, though, “hinting towards a possible mobile application and a low monthly fee,” according to a report by Orbitcast, a website that covers the satellite radio industry. As the Orbitcast noted, it was “some of the strongest language” used by Stern this year when talking about his future plans.

The self-proclaimed “King of All Media” also hinted at the option of taking his show to a mobile platform, where users would pay a “low monthly fee.”

He said Sirius is pushing for another five-year contract, while he wants something shorter. It’s also likely that Sirius — which not too long ago had been on the brink of bankruptcy — won’t come close to the $500 million figure it lobbed to lure Stern away from terrestrial radio.

Earlier this year, Stern was said to be in talks to become a judge on “American Idol,” but no offer materialized. Stern has also said he's had discussions about returning to the terrestrial airwaves, though he doubts that would happen.

Insiders say a decision on Stern’s future is expected to be made prior to Sirius XM’s third quarter earnings call in November.

Stern added that he would tell his radio listeners first.

Stay tuned.